MicroCollection / Elisa Bollazzi

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MicroCollection / Elisa Bollazzi


I started Microcollection in 1990 in Venice while I was visiting the Biennale and picked up a few fragments accidentally fallen onto the floor from a work by Anish Kapoor. These microparticles, overlooked by everyone else, were an intuition of a new form of creation! Since then my artistic practice has been collecting art fragments from works by artists in the international art circuit, re-experiencing each time the magic of that special moment of intuition, the creative act!

Now the museum owns more than a thousand art-particles that I and hundreds of spontaneous collaborators have saved from oblivion. Microcollection is an important collection of contemporary art (Beuys, Buren, Fabro, Paolini, etc) that can be viewed under a microscope during the so-called *Cabinets de regard, so, by contemplating the art-fragments the public can experience my own intuition, sense the invisible, become aware of the creative freedom and the potential ambiguity of images.

In 2008 I gave life to the so-called Art sowings, areas planted with art fragments such as 3-metre tree by Penone, Watermelons by Gilardi, etc. The public waits for utopic art-gardens to grow in a beneficial contemplation that stimulates creativity and generates visual mental imagery.

Microcollection is a mental art experience and starts a process that changes the boundaries of art, mainly focusing on immateriality, mythology and dissemination.

*The Cabinets de regard are “observation chambers” with a microscope so viewers can admire the fragments on display, in rotating exhibitions Conceptual Experiences, Arte Povera, Lucio Fontana, MicroItalics, etc.