Sračok & Pöhlmann



Love Lost, Alternative Truths


Brian Dawn Chalkley in the studio

Hotel Pennsylvania

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Sračok & Pöhlmann, founded in Susak in 2006 by Herman Sračok and Rupert Pöhlmann, has long been a vital force in the contemporary art scene. It supports the work of leading contemporary artists as well as putting forward new and exciting artists, presents a broad and critically acclaimed program of exhibitions to a large public through international exhibition spaces in London, Susak and New York.

Their shows often explore contemporary cultural values, and eschew the bombastic tactics of other galleries for a more subtle approach which manages to be both glamorous and intelligent.

Artists: Tomislav Brajnović, Anamarija Ami Podrebarac, Rafael Sánchez, Keran James, Brian Dawn Chalkley, Petra Varl, Elisa Bollazzi, Herzog Dellafiore, Doug Lewis, Janko Matic.