Cut Piece

Cut Piece

Name Frank
Last Bobbins
Subject Cut Piece
Message Thank you for cutting and taking away a piece of the Frank Bobbins ‘Cut Piece’, from Fireproof, as part of Exchange Rate Bushwick. We at the Frank Bobbins Institute are interested to see the journey of your artwork, and we would appreciate it if you could send us a picture or pictures of your piece in its new location.
We aim be showing the photographs we are sent in our next exhibition on the 22nd November and hope a photograph of your piece of art can be part of this.
Hope to hear from you soon,LOVE Frank Bobbins



12 November 2014 – Nunhead, London, UK
12 November 2014 – Nunhead, London, UK

23 October 2014 – ArtHelix gallery, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

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